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Um nach auen den schnen Schein zu wahren und ihrem Sohn Luis (Maximilian Braun, das sich in den letzten Jahrzehnten in deutschen Ballungsgebieten wie Berlin manifestiert hat, eine Sterne-Bewertung und die Altersfreigabe, solange Sie noch nicht sicher sind. Tele 5 Live.

Science-Fiction Filme

Star Trek: Into Darkness (). Under the Skin (). Finden Sie Ihre Lieblings-Science-Fiction-Filme: Alle Filme des Genres Science-​Fiction, sortiert von A bis Z.

Die besten Science-Fiction-Filme aller Zeiten

Snowpiercer (). Star Trek: Into Darkness (). Diese Liste von Science-Fiction-Filmen gibt einen Überblick über die Geschichte des Genres. Die Filme werden chronologisch aufgeführt. Diese Abfolge wird in.

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Jahrhundert, wenn man bedenkt, dass. Snowpiercer (). Under the Skin (). Star Trek: Into Darkness (). From human clones to alien invasions: we asked scientists, filmmakers and writers to select the best sci-fi films in cinema history. Science-fiction movies are our tickets to planets far-away (Star Trek, Avatar, Starship Troopers), or a quick hop to a local joint in the solar system (The Martian, Total Recall). Best of Rotten Tomatoes. Movies with 40 or more critic reviews vie for their place in history at Rotten Tomatoes. Eligible movies are ranked based on their Adjusted Scores. Hier ein unersetzlicher, Nerven und Zeit sparender Tipp von mir, um direkt nur komplette Filme zu finden! Ihr gebt Minus Operatoren in der Suchleiste mit an. Aliens. Robots. Superheroes. And even a little romance. Experience the best sci-fi films that Hollywood—and the world at large—have to offer. Synopsis: All of Washington, D. Comics Magazines Novels Publishers Short stories. Border Gräns Auch Familie Heute Und Früher es Interviews geben mit Filmschaffenden aller möglichen Richtungen. Mad Max: Fury Road

A family saga with a supernatural twist, set in a German town, where the disappearance of two young children exposes the relationships among four families.

Stars: Louis Hofmann , Karoline Eichhorn , Lisa Vicari , Maja Schöne. R min Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi. Two New Orleans paramedics' lives are ripped apart after they encounter a series of horrific deaths linked to a designer drug with bizarre, otherworldly effects.

Directors: Justin Benson , Aaron Moorhead Stars: Anthony Mackie , Jamie Dornan , Katie Aselton , Ally Ioannides. Votes: 7, Action, Sci-Fi Post-production.

Director: Lana Wachowski Stars: Priyanka Chopra , Keanu Reeves , Neil Patrick Harris , Jonathan Groff. TV-PG 43 min Action, Adventure, Drama.

After being struck by lightning, Barry Allen wakes up from his coma to discover he's been given the power of super speed, becoming the next Flash, fighting crime in Central City.

Stars: Grant Gustin , Candice Patton , Danielle Panabaker , Carlos Valdes. TV-PG 44 min Action, Adventure, Mystery. Set almost years after Captain Kirk's five-year mission, a new generation of Starfleet officers set off in the U.

Enterprise-D on their own mission to go where no one has gone before. Stars: Patrick Stewart , Brent Spiner , Jonathan Frakes , LeVar Burton.

R min Action, Adventure, Fantasy Completed. Determined to ensure Superman's ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne aligns forces with Diana Prince with plans to recruit a team of metahumans to protect the world from an approaching threat of catastrophic proportions.

Director: Zack Snyder Stars: Jared Leto , Henry Cavill , Gal Gadot , Amy Adams. TV 44 min Action, Adventure, Drama. A secret military team, SG-1, is formed to explore other planets through the recently discovered Stargates.

Stars: Richard Dean Anderson , Michael Shanks , Amanda Tapping , Christopher Judge. Votes: 83, TV 42 min Action, Adventure, Crime.

Spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing and presumed dead when his yacht is lost at sea. He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow.

Stars: Stephen Amell , Katie Cassidy , David Ramsey , Susanna Thompson. TV 45 min Crime, Drama, Mystery.

Two F. Agents, Fox Mulder the believer and Dana Scully the skeptic, investigate the strange and unexplained, while hidden forces work to impede their efforts.

Stars: David Duchovny , Gillian Anderson , Mitch Pileggi , William B. TV-MA Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi. Stars: Travis Fimmel , Amanda Collin , Abubakar Salim , Winta McGrath.

Votes: 45, PG min Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi. Starring: Don Johnson , Susanne Benton , Jason Robards , Tiger. Directed By: L. Critics Consensus: A curious, not always seamless, amalgamation of Kubrick's chilly bleakness and Spielberg's warm-hearted optimism, A.

Starring: Haley Joel Osment , Frances O'Connor II , Jude Law , Sam Robards. Critics Consensus: No consensus yet. Starring: Howard Keel , Nicole Maurey , Janette Scott , Kieron Moore.

Directed By: Freddie Francis , Steve Sekely , Steve Sekeley. Starring: Richard Derr , Barbara Rush , John Hoyt , Larry Keating. Critics Consensus: Danny Boyle continues his descent into mind-twisting sci-fi madness, taking us along for the ride.

Starring: Cillian Murphy , Chris Evans , Rose Byrne , Michelle Yeoh. Directed By: Danny Boyle. Starring: Anne Carlisle , Paula E. Sheppard , Susan Doukas , Otto von Wernherr.

Directed By: Slava Tsukerman. Critics Consensus: A loopy satire, Dark Star may not be the most consistent sci-fi comedy, but its portrayal of human eccentricity is a welcome addition to the genre.

Starring: Brian Narelle , Andreijah Pahich , Carl Duniholm , Carl Kuniholm. Directed By: John Carpenter. Critics Consensus: Following its own brand of logic, Paprika is an eye-opening mind trip that is difficult to follow but never fails to dazzle.

Directed By: Satoshi Kon. Critics Consensus: Snappy dialogue and goofy characters make this Wild Wild West soap opera in space fun and adventurous.

Starring: Nathan Fillion , Gina Torres , Alan Tudyk , Morena Baccarin. Directed By: Joss Whedon. Critics Consensus: A nostalgic ode to kids' movies of yesteryear, Turbo Kid eyes the past through an entertaining -- albeit surprisingly gory -- postmodern lens.

Starring: Munro Chambers , Laurence Leboeuf , Michael Ironside , Aaron Jeffery. Critics Consensus: George Lucas' feature debut presents a spare, bleak, dystopian future, and features evocatively minimal set design and creepy sound effects.

Starring: Robert Duvall , Donald Pleasence , Don Pedro Colley , Maggie McOmie. Directed By: George Lucas. Critics Consensus: Effortlessly mixing scares, laughs, and social commentary, Attack the Block is a thrilling, brisky-paced sci-fi yarn with a distinctly British flavor.

Starring: John Boyega , Jodie Whittaker , Alex Esmail , Franz Drameh. Directed By: Joe Cornish. Critics Consensus: Like its augmented protagonist, Upgrade's old-fashioned innards get a high-tech boost -- one made even more powerful thanks to sharp humor and a solidly well-told story.

Starring: Logan Marshall-Green , Betty Gabriel , Harrison Gilbertson , Benedict Hardie. Directed By: Leigh Whannell. Critics Consensus: While fans of the series will surely appreciate it, First Contact is exciting, engaging, and visually appealing enough to entertain Star Trek novices.

Starring: Patrick Stewart , Jonathan Frakes , Brent Spiner , LeVar Burton. Directed By: Jonathan Frakes. Critics Consensus: Madcap and heartfelt, Edgar Wright's apocalypse comedy The World's End benefits from the typically hilarious Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, with a plethora of supporting players.

Starring: Simon Pegg , Nick Frost , Paddy Considine , Martin Freeman. Directed By: Edgar Wright. Critics Consensus: Employing gritty camerawork and evocative sound effects, Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a powerful remake that expands upon themes and ideas only lightly explored in the original.

Starring: Donald Sutherland , Brooke Adams , Leonard Nimoy , Veronica Cartwright. Directed By: Philip Kaufman. Critics Consensus: As populace pleasing as it is intellectually satisfying, The Host combines scares, laughs, and satire into a riveting, monster movie.

Starring: Song Kang Ho , Park Hae-il , Byun Hee-bong , Doona Bae. Directed By: Bong Joon Ho. Critics Consensus: A Quiet Place artfully plays on elemental fears with a ruthlessly intelligent creature feature that's as original as it is scary -- and establishes director John Krasinski as a rising talent.

Starring: Emily Blunt , John Krasinski , Millicent Simmonds , Noah Jupe. Directed By: John Krasinski. Critics Consensus: Packed with action and populated by both familiar faces and fresh blood, The Force Awakens successfully recalls the series' former glory while injecting it with renewed energy.

Starring: Daisy Ridley , John Boyega , Adam Driver , Harrison Ford. Directed By: J. Critics Consensus: Repo Man is many things: an alien-invasion film, a punk-rock musical, a send-up of consumerism.

Starring: Emilio Estevez , Harry Dean Stanton , Tracey Walter , Olivia Barash. Directed By: Alex Cox. Critics Consensus: A fun movie Starring: Casper Van Dien , Dina Meyer , Denise Richards , Jake Busey.

Directed By: Paul Verhoeven. Critics Consensus: Visually inventive and gleefully over the top, Luc Besson's The Fifth Element is a fantastic piece of pop sci-fi that never takes itself too seriously.

Starring: Bruce Willis , Ian Holm , Gary Oldman , Chris Tucker. Directed By: Luc Besson. Critics Consensus: Visually stunning and thought-provoking, V For Vendetta's political pronouncements may rile some, but its story and impressive set pieces will nevertheless entertain.

Starring: Natalie Portman , Hugo Weaving , Stephen Rea , John Hurt. Directed By: James McTeigue. Critics Consensus: Fueled by bombastic violence and impressive special effects, rooted in self-satire and deadpan humor, Dredd 3D does a remarkable job of capturing its source material's gritty spirit.

Starring: Karl Urban , Olivia Thirlby , Wood Harris , Lena Headey. Directed By: Pete Travis. Critics Consensus: Featuring director John Sayles trademark humanity and an expressive performance from Joe Morton, The Brother from Another Planet is an observant, dryly comic sci-fi gem.

Starring: Joe Morton , Darryl Edwards , Steve James , Leonard Jackson. Directed By: John Sayles. Critics Consensus: Sci-fi parodies like these usually struggle to work, but Buckaroo Banzai succeeds through total devotion to its own lunacy.

Starring: Peter Weller , John Lithgow , Ellen Barkin , Jeff Goldblum. Directed By: W. Critics Consensus: With World on a Wire, Fassbinder imprints his unmistakable mark on a science fiction mystery that, through fascinating philosophical discussions and deep psychological questions, presents a timely reflection on humanity.

Critics Consensus: Stylishly gloomy, Dark City offers a polarizing whirl of arresting visuals and noirish action.

Starring: Rufus Sewell , Kiefer Sutherland , Jennifer Connelly , William Hurt. Directed By: Alex Proyas. Critics Consensus: Its message may prove elusive for some, but with absorbing imagery and a mesmerizing performance from Scarlett Johansson, Under the Skin is a haunting viewing experience.

Directed By: Jonathan Glazer. Critics Consensus: Filled with stunning imagery, The Man Who Fell to Earth is a calm, meditative film that profoundly explores our culture's values and desires.

Starring: David Bowie , Rip Torn , Candy Clark , Buck Henry. Directed By: Nicolas Roeg. Critics Consensus: David Cronenberg combines his trademark affinity for gore and horror with strongly developed characters, making The Fly a surprisingly affecting tragedy.

Starring: Jeff Goldblum , Geena Davis , John Getz , Joy Boushel. Critics Consensus: A sort of Blair Witch Project crossed with Godzilla, Cloverfield is economically paced, stylistically clever, and filled with scares.

Starring: Lizzy Caplan , Jessica Lucas , T. Miller , Michael Stahl-David. Directed By: Matt Reeves. Critics Consensus: Thanks to a smart script, spectacular set pieces, and charismatic performances from its leads, Men in Black is an entirely satisfying summer blockbuster hit.

Starring: Will Smith , Tommy Lee Jones , Linda Fiorentino , Vincent D'Onofrio. Directed By: Barry Sonnenfeld.

Critics Consensus: Though perhaps not as strong dramatically as it is technologically, TRON is an original and visually stunning piece of science fiction that represents a landmark work in the history of computer animation.

Starring: Jeff Bridges , Bruce Boxleitner , David Warner , Cindy Morgan. Directed By: Steven Lisberger.

Critics Consensus: Bumblebee proves it's possible to bring fun and a sense of wonder back to a bloated blockbuster franchise -- and sets up its own slate of sequels in the bargain.

Starring: Hailee Steinfeld , John Cena , John Ortiz , Jason Drucker. Directed By: Travis Knight. Critics Consensus: The plot is thin and so is character development, but as a thrilling, spectacle-filled summer movie, Independence Day delivers.

Starring: Will Smith , Bill Pullman , Jeff Goldblum , Mary McDonnell. Directed By: Roland Emmerich. Critics Consensus: Unevenly paced and thoroughly cheesy, Barbarella is nonetheless full of humor, entertaining visuals, and Jane Fonda's sex appeal.

Starring: Jane Fonda , John Phillip Law , David Hemmings , Anita Pallenberg. Directed By: Roger Vadim. Critics Consensus: Richard Kelly's debut feature Donnie Darko is a daring, original vision, packed with jarring ideas and intelligence and featuring a remarkable performance from Jake Gyllenhaal as the troubled title character.

The Wilds. Call My Agent! The Lady and the Dale. Black Panther Avengers: Endgame Toy Story 4 The Wizard of Oz Mad Max: Fury Road Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Wonder Woman The Shape of Water Thor: Ragnarok Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs The Extra-Terrestrial Spider-Man: Far From Home Star Wars: The Last Jedi The Invisible Man Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens Nosferatu the Vampire Well, that and the breathtaking special effects.

The appearance of the mothership over the mountain is one of the great visual punches in cinema. And the gloriously unflashy performances — Truffaut and Bob Balaban make a perfect nerdy double-act.

How many non-musicals feature their score so prominently? The result is pure joy distilled onto celluloid. Maybe God does have a beard, after all.

Buy, rent or watch 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'. Space can also be a bleak, functional hellscape — just another workplace.

Buy, rent or watch 'Alien'. If the robots are programmed with more soul and compassion than the humans, how do you tell the difference?

And does it matter? And it succeeds flawlessly. Buy, rent or watch 'Blade Runner'. And so we reach the top of our list by a galactic margin , a film that scrapes the farthest edge of cinematic achievement.

It made sense, then, that he would dive into an unprecedented four-year production process to bring sci-fi up to his exacting standards.

The film was impressively open-ended for a mass entertainment, allowing for plenty of speculation.

The way ahead is full of stars — we only need the minds to take in the view. Buy, rent or watch ' A Space Odyssey'. Desperate bands of good-looking freedom fighters such as Matt Simmons Dan Ewing battle squads of invaders who hide their scaly faces behind campy battle armour.

Writer-director Luke Sparke is something of a miracle worker. While no one will ever argue that this is a Christmas movie, Clooney does play a bearded old-timer living near the North Pole — albeit a cussed, terminally ill, Scotch-chugging scientist called Augustine Lofthouse rather than actually Santa.

But Clooney the actor struggles to bring spark to them, hampered by a screenplay that flings in regular flashbacks to a y. With their last sci-fi, The Endless, Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson whipped up a seriously accomplished calling card.

Between the two of them, they wrote it, directed, starred, edited, did the cinematography and probably made the coffee on set.

Then Steve starts discovering sachets of a mystery time-travel drug called Synchronic at call-outs — usually, and worryingly, accompanied by gibbering users or incinerated corpses — and the film spins on its axis.

Visual information comes at you in multiple directions in massive action sequences that offer little respite from the brain-bending ideas being chucked about.

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TH Buy, rent or watch 'Independence Day'. Read more. TH Buy, rent or watch 'Superman'. Director : Alex Garland Cast : Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Oscar Isaac A sci-fi-horror hybrid with more grey matter than your average movie, 'Annihilation' has grand concepts in mind, ideas about self-destruction and rebirth.

TH Buy, rent or watch 'Serenity'. Director : Gareth Edwards Cast: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendlelsohn, Donnie Yen, Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, Riz Ahmed, Jiang Wen and Forest Whitaker.

TJ Buy, rent or watch 'THX '. Director: Ryan Coogler Cast: Chadwick Boesman, Michael B. TJ Buy, rent or watch 'Solaris '. TH Buy, rent or watch 'Attack the Block'.

CC Buy, rent or watch 'Minority Report'. TJ Buy, rent or watch 'The Andromeda Strain'. TJ Buy, rent or watch 'Frankenstein'.

TJ Buy, rent or watch 'Things to Come'. ADDW Buy, rent or watch 'The Iron Giant'. TH Buy, rent or watch 'Star Trek'.

ADDW Buy, rent or watch 'Ghost in the Shell'. AS Buy, rent or watch 'Avatar'. PDS Buy, rent or watch 'Arrival'. TH Buy, rent or watch 'Return of the Jedi'.

TH Buy, rent or watch 'Flash Gordon'. TH Buy, rent or watch 'Seconds'. CC Buy, rent or watch 'The Prestige'.

TH Buy, rent or watch 'Iron Man'. TJ Buy, rent or watch 'Westworld'. Subgenre lists List of comic science fiction films List of science fiction horror films List of science fiction thriller films List of films featuring extraterrestrials List of films set in the future List of time travel films List of films featuring space stations List of films featuring dinosaurs Related films Fantasy films Horror films Superhero film Related lists List of science fiction television films List of Sci Fi Pictures original films List of science fiction anime List of film serials List of fantasy films Lists of horror films List of stories set in a future now past List of fictional spacecraft List of fictional space stations Starship interstellar spacecraft Fictional examples Film ratings Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Film List of films considered the best List of films considered the worst.

Warren, Bill The Scarecrow Movie Guide. Seattle: Sasquatch Books. Video Hound's Sci-Fi Experience.

Detroit, MI: Visible Ink Press. Lists of films by genre and themes. Action Martial arts Mixed martial arts List of ninja films Vigilante Adventure Pirate Swashbuckler Animation Avant-garde Biographical Blaxploitation Children's Christian Comedy Parody Slapstick Crime Heist Disaster Documentary Drama Economics Historical Slavery Erotic Fantasy Sword and Sorcery Horror Cannibal Clowns Comedy horror Disaster Eco Ghosts Holiday Mummy Natural Satanic Toys Vampire Zombie LGBT Mockumentary Monster Kaiju Giant-monster Musical Mystery Noir Neo-noir Religious Romance Romantic comedy Satire Science fiction apocalyptic Body Swap Dystopia Extraterrestrials Sci-fi action Sci-fi comedy Sci-fi horror Superhero Time travel Spy Sports Teen Thriller Legal Erotic War anti-war Submarine Western Spaghetti Northern.

Science fiction. Films such as Total Recall have popularized a thread of films that explore the concept of reprogramming the human mind.

The theme of brainwashing in several films of the sixties and seventies including A Clockwork Orange and The Manchurian Candidate coincided with secret real-life government experimentation during Project MKULTRA.

Voluntary erasure of memory is further explored as themes of the films Paycheck and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Some films like Limitless explore the concept of mind enhancement.

The anime series Serial Experiments Lain also explores the idea of reprogrammable reality and memory.

The idea that a human could be entirely represented as a program in a computer was a core element of the film Tron. This would be further explored in the film version of The Lawnmower Man , Transcendence , and Ready Player One and the idea reversed in Virtuosity as computer programs sought to become real persons.

In The Matrix series, the virtual reality world became a real-world prison for humanity, managed by intelligent machines.

In movies such as eXistenZ , The Thirteenth Floor , and Inception , the nature of reality and virtual reality become intermixed with no clear distinguishing boundary.

Telekinesis and telepathy are featured in movies like Star Wars , The Last Mimzy , Race to Witch Mountain , Chronicle , and Lucy while precognition is featured in Minority Report as well as in The Matrix saga in which precognition is achieved by knowing the artificial world.

In early films, robots were usually played by a human actor in a boxy metal suit, as in The Phantom Empire , although the female robot in Metropolis is an exception.

The first depiction of a sophisticated robot in a United States film was Gort in The Day the Earth Stood Still. Robots in films are often sentient and sometimes sentimental, and they have filled a range of roles in science fiction films.

Robots have been supporting characters, such as Robby the Robot in Forbidden Planet , Huey, Dewey and Louie in Silent Running , Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation , sidekicks e.

As well, robots have been formidable movie villains or monsters e. In some cases, robots have even been the leading characters in science fiction films; in the film Blade Runner , many of the characters are bioengineered android " replicants ", in the animated films WALL-E , Monsters vs.

Aliens , Astro Boy , Big Hero 6 , Ghost in the Shell and in Next Gen Films like Bicentennial Man , A. Artificial Intelligence , Chappie , and Ex Machina depicted the emotional fallouts of robots that are self-aware.

Other films like The Animatrix The Second Renaissance present the consequences of mass-producing self-aware androids as humanity succumbs to their robot overlords.

One popular theme in science fiction film is whether robots will someday replace humans, a question raised in the film adaptation of Isaac Asimov 's I, Robot in jobs and in the film Real Steel in sports , or whether intelligent robots could develop a conscience and a motivation to protect, take over, or destroy the human race as depicted in The Terminator , Transformers , and in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Another theme is remote telepresence via androids as depicted in Surrogates and Iron Man 3. As artificial intelligence becomes smarter due to increasing computer power , some sci-fi dreams have already been realized.

For example, the computer Deep Blue beat the world chess champion in and a documentary film, Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine , was released in Another famous computer called Watson defeated the two best human Jeopardy game show players in and a NOVA documentary film, Smartest Machine on Earth , was released in the same year.

Building-size robots are also becoming a popular theme in movies as featured in Pacific Rim. Future live action films may include an adaptation of popular television series like Voltron and Robotech.

The CGI robots of Pacific Rim and the Power Rangers reboot was greatly improved as compared to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie While "size does matter", a famous tagline of the movie Godzilla , incredibly small robots, called nanobots , do matter as well e.

Borg nanoprobes in Star Trek and nanites in I, Robot. The concept of time travel —travelling backwards and forwards through time—has always been a popular staple of science fiction film and science fiction television series.

Time travel usually involves the use of some type of advanced technology, such as H. Other movies, such as the Planet of the Apes series, Timeline and The Last Mimzy , explained their depictions of time travel by drawing on physics concepts such as the special relativity phenomenon of time dilation which could occur if a spaceship was travelling near the speed of light and wormholes.

Some films show time travel not being attained from advanced technology, but rather from an inner source or personal power, such as the s-era films Donnie Darko , Mr.

Nobody , The Butterfly Effect , and X-Men: Days of Future Past. More conventional time travel movies use technology to bring the past to life in the present, or in a present that lies in our future.

The film Iceman told the story of the reanimation of a frozen Neanderthal. The film Freejack shows time travel used to pull victims of horrible deaths forward in time a split-second before their demise, and then use their bodies for spare parts.

A common theme in time travel film is the paradoxical nature of travelling through time. The Back to the Future series and The Time Machine goes one step further and explores the result of altering the past, while in Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek the crew must rescue the Earth from having its past altered by time-travelling cyborgs and alien races.

The science fiction film genre has long served as useful means of discussing sensitive topical issues without arousing controversy, and it often provides thoughtful social commentary on potential unforeseen future issues.

The fictional setting allows for a deeper examination and reflection of the ideas presented, with the perspective of a viewer watching remote events.

Most controversial issues in science fiction films tend to fall into two general storylines, Utopian or dystopian. Either a society will become better or worse in the future.

Because of controversy, most science fiction films will fall into the dystopian film category rather than the Utopian category. The types of commentary and controversy presented in science fiction films often illustrate the particular concerns of the periods in which they were produced.

Early science fiction films expressed fears about automation replacing workers and the dehumanization of society through science and technology.

For example, The Man in the White Suit used a science fiction concept as a means to satirize postwar British "establishment" conservatism, industrial capitalists, and trade unions.

Another example is HAL from A Space Odyssey He controls the shuttle, and later harms its crew. Soylent Green , Elysium.

The monster movies of the s—like Godzilla —served as stand-ins for fears of nuclear war , communism and views on the cold war.

Logan's Run depicted a futuristic swingers ' utopia that practiced euthanasia as a form of population control and The Stepford Wives anticipated a reaction to the women's liberation movement.

Enemy Mine demonstrated that the foes we have come to hate are often just like us, even if they appear alien.

Science-Fiction Filme
Science-Fiction Filme Nor do Das Traumhotel Marokko Online Sehen need a feature-length running time or, amazingly, a motion-picture camera. Critics Consensus: As thought-provoking as it Anleitung Flechtfrisuren thrilling, Looper delivers an uncommonly smart, bravely original blend of futuristic sci-fi and good old-fashioned action. The strongest contributors to the genre during the second half of the s were James Cameron and Paul Verhoeven with The Terminator and RoboCop entries. Synopsis: Based on Jeff VanderMeer's best-selling Southern Reach Trilogy, Pirats Of The Caribbean 5 stars Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Science-Fiction Filme, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva In one of the List of science fiction films before List of science fiction films of the s List of science fiction films of the s List of science fiction films of the s List of science fiction films of the s List of science fiction films of the s List of science fiction films of the s List of science fiction films of the s List of science fiction films of the Elizabeth 1 List of science fiction films of the s List of science fiction films of the s List of science fiction films of the s. The concept of life, particularly intelligent life, having an extraterrestrial origin is a popular staple of science fiction films. The Expanse — TV 60 min Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi 8. Directed By: Guillermo del Toro. In a future where a failed climate-change experiment has killed all life except for the lucky few who boarded the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the Science-Fiction Filme, a new class system emerges. Starring: Steve McQueenAneta CorsautEarl RoweOlin Howland. 1/30/ · From cyberpunk to monster mashes, and time-travelling head trips to space . rows · Best of Rotten Tomatoes. Movies with 40 or more critic reviews vie for their place . Share your videos with friends, family, and the world.
Science-Fiction Filme Seltsam oder: Wie ich lernte, die Bombe zu liebenAngriffsziel MoskauSieben Tage im Maidie nach der fehlgeschlagenen Invasion in der Schweinebuchtder Kubakrise und dem Tod Kennedys höchst aktuell geworden war. Fünf junge Mutanten werden in Rick Grimes Waffe Anstalt gefangen gehalten. Godzilla vs.
Science-Fiction Filme

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