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Silent Witness Episodenguide

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Silent Witness Episodenguide

Gerichtsmedizinerin Dr. Samantha Ryan GB Silent Witness | Episodenführer / Episodenguide. Fans der UK-Krimiserie „Silent Witness“ werden diese Woche zwei Lachende obwohl sie ursprünglich nur für vier Episoden vorgesehen war. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel.

Silent Witness/Episodenliste

Fans der UK-Krimiserie „Silent Witness“ werden diese Woche zwei Lachende obwohl sie ursprünglich nur für vier Episoden vorgesehen war. Noch dazu ist Elisabeth (Heida Reed - Silent Witness), die Liebe seines Lebens, mit einem Der Episodenguide zu Poldark umfasst 5 Staffeln mit 43 Episoden. Gerichtsmedizinerin Dr. Samantha Ryan GB Silent Witness | Episodenführer / Episodenguide.

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Cast: Zoe Telford Antonia Prebble, Sean GilderSteve WallSian BreckinChristoph Lambert Wilson and Max Road To Perdition Deutsch. So wurden die Staffeln 1 bis 7 unter dem Titel Gerichtsmedizinerin Dr. The case in question is the death of a jockey crushed by his mount during a race.

Change: Part 1. Change: Part 2. Trust: Part 1. Trust: Part 2. True Love Waits: Part 1. True Love Waits: Part 2.

Legacy: Part 1. Legacy: Part 2. Greater Love: Part 1. Greater Love: Part 2. Commodity: Part 1. Commodity: Part 2.

Coup de Grace: Part 1. Coup de Grace: Part 2. In a Lonely Place: Part 1. In a Lonely Place: Part 2. Undertone: Part 1.

Undertone: Part 2. Fraternity: Part 1. Fraternity: Part 2. Sniper's Nest: Part 1. Sniper's Nest: Part 2. Falling Angels: Part 1. Falling Angels: Part 2.

Protection: Part 1. Protection: Part 2. Squaring the Circle: Part 1. Squaring the Circle: Part 2. One of Our Own: Part 1. One of Our Own: Part 2.

After the Fall, Part 1. After the Fall, Part 2. Flight, Part 1. Flight, Part 2. Life Licence, Part 1. Life Licence, Part 2.

In Plain Sight, Part 1. In Plain Sight, Part 2. Derzeit umfasst die Serie 23 Staffeln mit insgesamt Episoden. Sam comes under intense scrutiny during an official inquiry into the deaths of two brothers while they were in prison.

It was confirmed after the last episode of Series 23 had aired that Silent Witness will return for two more series starting in , taking the show up to its 25th anniversary.

Meanwhile, Nikki identifies the detention centre victim, but realises that by doing so, she may have put his daughter in danger with his long list of dangerous enemies.

However, during the attack, his Ukrainian nanny is hit and killed. He had been arrested while drunk and was sharing a cell with another drunk in for the night.

While on leave, she seeks out fellow pathologist Sally Vaughan for support. DCI Waite and the team realise that Jihadi martyr Zak Latif is still alive, and Jack's analysis of the scene of the shooting reveals him to be the gunman that shot DI Ryman.

As the team race against time to uncover Dreadnaught's identity, Jack makes the final link in the chain. As Harry continues his investigation, against the girl's adamant mother, who is positive she did not kill herself, he discovers that the girl had taken the same cocktail of anti-depressants taken by suicide victim Kevin Perry - and the lead soon becomes linked to a dodgy online pharmacy.

In der Krimiserie "Silent Witness" werden die Gerichtsmediziner häufig selbst in die Arbeit der Polizei eingebunden.

Nikki doubts the officers' accounts of events after carrying out the post mortems, as the forensic evidence just does not add up. Determined to get to the bottom of the reasons behind the explosion, her findings are soon undermined by an independent pathologist.

Sam and Peter continue to struggle with their relationship but are determined to make a go of it. Nikki and Jack investigate the death of two women, who have been tied up and tortured in a basement.

She manages to provide Jack with a vital clue about her possible burial site but, rather than her, he finds Luisa and twenty missing farm workers alive.

When another small-time dealer is killed, the police think they have either vigilantes or a turf war on their hands. While being taken away, Lane shows that he still cares for Imogen, who remains terrified of him as before.

The originally intended order of episodes now used by the BBC on iPlayer,[13] by other broadcasters, and by IMDb[14] is: However, he suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder and the police are concerned that he may lash out.

However, determined to investigate the actual cause of the crash by using backdoor methods, Leo begins to uncover a tangled web of lies.

When Kevin's grandfather reveals to him that his stepfather once raped his sister, getting her pregnant, Kevin goes on the rampage and the next day, his stepfather is found murdered in his cab.

Harry confronted him before boarding the 'plane for his next deployment to Afghanistan, but Harry could not prove his guilt. When a sports agent is found dead, the police suspect suicide.

Drama series about a team of forensic pathologists, Leo, Harry and Nikki carry out autopsies after suspicious deaths.

Leo is puzzled by more contrary clues in Triangle's bizarre death - and soon becomes convinced that someone is playing a twisted game.

Meanwhile, when Thomas's daughter Rosie unexpectedly turns up at the Lyell, Thomas has to deal with a more complex role Silent Witness is a British television drama.

The investigation reveals evidence of RUC corruption, and Sam is soon startled when the evidence points to the involvement of a member of her own family.

After it transpires the deceased was abused and had traces of an unknown toxic chemical in his body, the youngsters' headmaster, a man who used to teach Nikki, becomes a suspect - and a second corpse is found.

She does however run into an old friend who also happens to be an acquaintance of her business partner Trevor.

A new Detective Superintendent, Peter Ross, is now in charge and Sam and he knew each other many years previously. While Nikki is busy examining the body of a young woman Karen Sawyers, Jack is surprised to find the SIO on the case is Naomi Silva.

Nikki is still in shock when the team arrive at Matt's residence but, determined to help, she insists on returning to the Lyell.

The committee concluded that the final scenes in the toilet block were in breach of the guidelines on harm and offence as they exceeded audience expectations for this series as they depicted a sadistic method of inflicting pain, injury and death.

The BBC had responded to the initial criticism of the episode by saying that it took its responsibility to its audience "extremely seriously" and always tried to "strike the right balance between compelling drama without being unnecessarily graphic".

We acknowledge that certain scenes may have been challenging, but we filmed and presented them in such a way as to make sure that although as a viewer the implication was there, it was never actually shown.

The show has also been criticised for its general quality. In Australia Region 4 , Series 1 through 23 have been released on DVD through Roadshow Entertainment, starting with Series 1 on September 7, through to Series 21 on May 28, Universal then took over the releases beginning with Series 22 on November 20, , and have re-released some earlier seasons this time as individual seasons rather than 2 season editions.

December 11, [28] Universal. During the early years of the show, series creator McCrery wrote and published a number of tie-in novels relating to the series, following Sam Ryan Amanda Burton and Trevor Stewart William Armstrong , as well as former main character Superintendent Tom Adams John McGlynn , and brand new character DS Stanley Sharman, with Burton generally appearing on the front cover of each novel.

The fifth novel, due to be published in , was placed on indefinite hold, and has never been released. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

British crime drama television series. For other uses, see Silent Witness disambiguation. Main article: List of Silent Witness episodes. ABC Television.

Retrieved 21 July Retrieved 3 February Belfasst Telegraph digital. Retrieved 19 February Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 18 February Series 11 View episodes Drama series about a team of forensic pathologists.

Series 10 View episodes Drama series about forensic pathologists. Series 9 View episodes Leo, Harry and Nikki carry out autopsies after suspicious deaths.

Series 8 View episodes Harry and Leo recruit Nikki Alexander to the team. Series 7 View episodes Amanda Burton stars as the tough forensic pathologist Sam Ryan.

Series 6 View episodes Professor Sam Ryan is joined by Dr Leo Dalton and junior pathologist Harry Cunningham. Series 5 View episodes Professor Sam Ryan investigates cases involving murders and suspicious suicide.

Series 4 View episodes Professor Ryan now teaches at London University but still consults with the police.

Series 3 View episodes Forensic pathologist Dr Sam Ryan returns to pursue truth and justice for the dead. Series 2 View episodes Dr Sam Ryan's work is complicated by the arrival of a man with whom she shares a past.

Noah is put on a collision course with the criminals behind the drugs. S22, Ep5. The Lyell team are summoned to a waste dump in Brighton where a body part has been found.

The search is on to recover the other remains. S22, Ep6. When the deputy headteacher of the school is also found dead, Leo realises that the killings are connected to a sinister teenage pact.

Meanwhile, Nikki investigates the death of an elderly victim, who appears to have died of as the result of injuries she sustained to her head and legs - but she soon believes that there is more to the situation than meets the eye.

Nicholas Le Prevost , Joseph Mawle , Jemima Rooper , David de Keyser , Paul Panting. A teenage girl is found tortured to death in a London dogs' home, and an office employee at one of the world's largest animal experimentation facilities is found dead in her flat.

It soon emerges another woman is being held hostage by the culprits, who turn out to be the owners of the facility itself, who have kidnapped a violent team of animal activists who were seeking to raid one of the experimentation facility buildings.

However, the case becomes much more complicated when Nikki is kidnapped by the activist's group leader. Harry faces a race against time to find her captors, who are based deep inside the woods.

Meanwhile, Leo's best friend Lionel is forced to partake in a hearing against his conduct, and Leo must decide whether to follow his conscience at the expense of his best friend's livelihood.

Stephen Davis. Julian Glover , Dominic Jephcott , Ian Dunn, Heather Bleasdale. Harry and Nikki are called to investigate when an RAF helicopter crashes into a detention centre for failed asylum seekers, shortly after appearing at a nearby airshow, which both Harry and Nikki were attending.

When it appears that the military are trying to hush up the incident, they each open their own investigations to prove that the pilot was not at fault for the crash, and to identify a mysterious girl who fled the site amid the carnage, taking Nikki's handbag with her.

With Harry's attempts to prove the pilot innocent bordering on obsession, the father of the deceased asks him to perform an independent autopsy, which reveals that at the time of his death, he was taking medication for anxiety, which was brought on by the fact he believed that the aircraft was not safe to operate.

Meanwhile, Nikki identifies the detention centre victim, but realises that by doing so, she may have put his daughter in danger with his long list of dangerous enemies.

Matthew Wait, Steve Toussaint, Michael Byrne , Adjoa Andoh , Alan Westaway. The discovery of the mutilated body of a young African boy in a river forces Leo to face a ghost from his past - the death of his own daughter, Cassie.

Questions are raised as to whether the victim was murdered in a ritual killing, and evidence points the team in the direction of a nearby church - however, Leo has other ideas, and suspects that the murders may be related to a local African cult group, operating from a warehouse unit in central London.

Meanwhile, Nikki investigates the suspicious death of a priest from a local Catholic boys' school, Father Reed, who appears to have been taking drugs for depression at the time of his death.

Looking for evidence at the scene of the mutilated child's body, Harry and Leo discover the badly decomposed body of another young African boy, which continues to spark disagreements between them, resulting in accusations of racial bias dogging their attempts to solve the case.

Meanwhile, the body of another man linked to the priest's murder gives Nikki more leads to follow up, and leads her on a trail of revenge, death and confusion amongst the school.

The cold open uses the hymn Far round the world with tune Woodlands , first sung solo by boy treble Billy Jack Finerty , who is then joined by the catholic school choir which mixes to a young gospel choir to provide the only link between the two otherwise separate stories interwoven in this episode.

Diarmuid Lawrence. Natasha Little , Richard Standing , Tanya Moodie , Jamie Parker. An accident involving a lorry and a funeral procession results in the bizarre discovery of two bodies inside a coffin - that of the deceased, Ethel Mortimer, and an unknown young man who suffered from a coke addiction.

Meanwhile, Leo and Nikki's suspicions are aroused during a post mortem on a child, Ellie Harris, who died during a high-risk operation.

When the second body is identified as Jamie Featherstone, the boyfriend of nurse Claire Kizowski, both investigations lead the detectives to a surgeon, Alice Huston, who appears to have a high rate of fatality amongst her patients.

Investigating the possibility that someone on Huston's team is responsible for Jamie's death, Nikki is viciously attacked when she goes to meet Claire in the hospital basement.

As she struggles to remember who attacked her, Harry works hard to discover just what happened to Jamie on the night of his death, and looks into Huston's case files, only to discover that she is being sued by the parents of a deceased patient - Sam Reid.

However, when Harry discovers that Reid's death was down to Huston's registrar, who is also discovered to be an impostor, he soon realises that he may have worked out who is responsible for Jamie's death.

Hugo Speer , Lizzie McInnerny, Danny Midwinter, Anna Wing. A horrific car crash poses troubling questions for Nikki when she discovers that one of the two victims was the recently released Anna Holland, an accomplice to a particularly brutal murder whom she helped escape a life sentence four years earlier, by providing evidence for the defence.

As it appears she was stabbed before her death, the police attempt to discover who knew the location of the safe house in which she was staying - and who had a strong enough grudge to want her dead.

As the investigation progresses, Nikki re-interviews key witnesses from the original case, and begins to doubt her earlier conclusions.

As she prepares to publicly concede that she could have been wrong about Anna's innocence, Leo urges her not to throw her career away while there is still uncertainty - however, her father puts a spanner in the works when he sells Nikki's story to the papers, in order to secure money to clear his debt.

Meanwhile, Harry tries to identify two bodies found buried in the garden of a house, and allotment, owned by a retired Spanish couple. However, he soon discovers that they are connected to his colleague's troubling case, which may or may not provide the ammunition to either clear or implicate Anna in murder.

Michael Colgan , Ian Puleston-Davies , Nick Brimble , Archie Panjabi , Renu Setna , Jim Carter. Nikki investigates the discovery of human bones on a former Travellers' site and realises they could be the remains of a senior police officer's missing teenage daughter, Clara Young.

However, her forensic analysis raises even greater questions, when she discovers that she has found the remains of two bodies - which casts doubt on the guilt of the chief suspect.

Meanwhile, Harry is assigned to an insurance case that takes a peculiar twist, when it is revealed that the victim may have died of CJD, contracted through a blood transfusion operation in India.

When the main suspect in the investigation into the human remains is murdered, Nikki feels she is being shut out of the case and is left unsure whom to trust.

However, her lone enquiries bring her into greater danger, when she discovers that someone close to the Travellers may be responsible for the killings.

Meanwhile, Harry learns he has been deceived, and believes he has no option but to pursue the truth alone, in an attempt to get justice for the victims of the scam.

Timothy Prager. Daniel Kaluuya , Aml Ameen , Marva Alexander, Elijah Baker, Karl Collins , Paul Higgins. Keenan is finally caught for statutory rape of the young girl that was murdered, when they test DNA against the child that she was carrying when she was murdered.

However, the gang life goes on without Keenan, when the next leader is seen recruiting a young boy into the group.

Naomi Bentley , Neil Dudgeon , Phil Davis , Andrew Byron, Ryan Kiggell. Things become muddled when Harry sees the Detective Superintendent investigating the murder entering Holly's home after he visited her just a few minutes earlier.

She is later found dead in her bed. An armed police raid at a terraced house in North London sees two suspected terrorists killed, along with a police officer.

Nikki doubts the officers' accounts of events after carrying out the post mortems, as the forensic evidence just does not add up.

The case then takes an unexpected turn when it transpires one of the surviving policemen is having an affair with his dead colleague's wife.

Nikki and Harry form a bond as they search for the truth, but accusations fly and paranoia is heightened when another terror suspect dies in hospital.

Meanwhile, Harry uses cutting-edge techniques to uncover the identity of one of the suspected terrorists, and soon discovers, much to his surprise, that she was a police officer, working undercover for the drug squad.

When the body of a member of the Jewish Hasidic community, Yitshok Hassam, is discovered, the team agree to perform a 'dry' post mortem on the victim to respect the wishes of his faith.

A forensic link is found to a group of Polish labourers, but Harry begins to wonder whether the victim's wife is hiding something and decides to carry out a full autopsy to determine the time of death.

When another Jewish body is also found, Harry becomes convinced that his and Yitshok's deaths are linked. DNA testing suggests the killer is Hasidic, but the police refuse to believe the claims and demand that Harry be taken off the case.

However, Nikki decides to stand by her colleague and the pair make some shocking discoveries after re-testing all of the DNA samples. Dudi Appleton , Jim Keeble.

Reece Dinsdale , Fiona Wade , Alan Williams, Michael Begley , Daniel Hill , Peter Guinness. A boy's body is discovered near his school, and a search is launched when the classmate he was last seen with, Liam, is reported missing.

After it transpires the deceased was abused and had traces of an unknown toxic chemical in his body, the youngsters' headmaster, a man who used to teach Nikki, becomes a suspect - and a second corpse is found.

The search for Liam resumes and a link is discovered between the dead schoolboy's stepfather and the missing child. Meanwhile, Nikki performs a post mortem on the second body and finds traces of the same unknown toxin present in the first.

Leo and Harry try to identify and locate the source of the chemical in a bid to find out where Liam is being held and are led to a container hidden in the woods.

Patrick Baladi , Robert Pugh , Sian Webber , Kevin Doyle , John Kani. The team flies out to Zambia to investigate the death of a doctor, Rachel Gates, who had gone missing two weeks earlier.

It transpires that she was volunteering as a practitioner for a mission and had believed a number of refugees died in suspicious circumstances.

Leo and Nikki carry out a post-mortem, but their findings throw the case into disarray. The bones originally thought to be Rachel's are identified as another victim, a local woman, and the search for her body begins.

When Rachel's friend Bethany is found dead inside a nightclub, Nikki is arrested for attempting to carry out a post-mortem on the girl against her mother's wishes.

Harry learns foul play was involved in Bethany's death, and Leo has the local water samples tested - with surprising results.

Polly Frame , Lucy Cohu , Nigel Lindsay , Ruth Sheen , Jonty Stephens, Paul Broughton. Harry and Nikki are tasked to investigate the death of insurance investigator William Byfield, who appears to have committed suicide by suffocating from fumes from an exhaust pipe piped into his car.

An initial examination appears to confirm that theory, until lab assistant Charlie re-examines the stomach contents, and faints at the smell of cyanide being present - suggesting that the deceased may have been poisoned, not stabbed.

Meanwhile, Leo is confronted by Byfield's replacement, Clare Ambler, after she discovers that Byfield's last case was investigating the untimely death of Stephen Connelly, a healthy middle-aged man.

However, despite his signature being on the post mortem report, Leo has no recollection of ever performing one - and nor is there any record that Connelly's body ever arrived at the Lyell Centre.

Believing that Leo has committed fraud on behalf of the deceased's relatives, Clare has Leo investigated by the police - but her crusade is short lived when Leo is smashed on the back of the head and left for dead outside his house.

It doesn't help the case when Harry and the Connelly widow have an affair. She is briefly suspected of murdering her husband and the situation turns from bad to worse when the body of coroner's assistant David Levin is found in the boot of Connelly's widow's car.

Thaddeus O'Sullivan. Emily Joyce , John Lynch , Nikki Amuka-Bird , Souad Faress , , Deborah Findlay , Adam Kotz, Josephine Butler.

Stock banker Bridget Flannery is found dead at the bottom of her stairs. However, with the crime scene having been disturbed by the family's dog and a blundering WPC, Harry and Nikki struggle to decide whether her death was accidental - or if somebody repeatedly struck her over the face, causing her to fall.

Suspicion quickly falls on the victim's husband, media personality Tom Flannery, who has an old grudge with the police, which appears to be the deciding factor in whether or not to charge him with his wife's murder.

In an attempt to prove Tom's innocence, his lawyer asks Nikki to perform a second post mortem - but the results are less than satisfactory for Harry, whose evidence appears to contradict Nikki's point for point.

As the pair are unable to decide cause and motive of death, they find themselves battling it out in a courtroom.

But when photos are leaked to the press regarding the death of Flannery's first wife, Nikki starts to doubt her own evidence - and believes that she may have interpreted the case from completely the wrong angle.

Meanwhile, with Leo still recovering from his attack, Harry decides to use the situation to his advantage, and suspecting that the fate of Flannery's first wife Olga, may also lie in Flannery's hands, he persuades Leo to put him in touch with a professor in Prague, only to discover that Olga was also murdered - leaving him in no doubt that Flannery is their chief suspect.

Alec Newman , John Bowe , Natalie J. Robb , Frances Tomelty , Diana Hardcastle. Leo's first case on his return to work involves the shattered body of a young woman, Ruth Gardiner, found below a block of derelict flats, having apparently fallen from the roof.

The post-mortem indicates suicide, but Leo realises he missed vital signs when he uncovers evidence that the girl had been shot in the head before being dragged to the roof and thrown off, leading the police to reopen the case.

When DI Neill seems reluctant to pursue the possibility that Ruth may have been an informant for an undercover police officer, Phil Nelson, Leo starts to wonder if Ruth's death is part of a cover-up.

When a gun is found near Ruth's squat, investigations lead Neill to Alex Webb, an employee of a local car dealership.

Harry, meanwhile, is forced to confront some uncomfortable family secrets when an old family friend, Mary Bradburn, shows up at the Lyell Centre for the post-mortem of her husband, James.

Discovering that James had taped a plastic bag over his head in order to suffocate himself, Harry is forced to come to terms with some of his own family revelations, when Nikki persuades him to finally look into the circumstances of his own father's suicide.

Meanwhile, Leo discovers that Phil Nelson is just one of three aliases used by Peter Carmody and realises that he is linked to another two murders - including that of Alex Webb.

Farren Blackburn. Elliott Tittensor , Phyllis Logan , Anna Chancellor , Ian Gelder , Tom Bennett. When a student suicide occurs on a university campus, Leo liaises with the Dean and investigating officer DC Saich after it emerges the deceased, Jason Renfrew, was the victim of bullying.

Concern grows when a gun and live ammunition are discovered in the dead boy's locker, and the contents from a memory card found in his stomach reveal files containing photos of students, some of whom he named as his tormentors.

Before the team can investigate further, their fears become a horrible reality as one of the main campus buildings comes under attack by a rampaging shooter, trapping Harry and Nikki inside.

All Leo can do is watch helplessly via CCTV security cameras as his colleagues try to help the wounded. Specialist firearms officers storm the building and find suspected shooter Scott Weston, lying on the floor, with a bullet wound to the head.

As the wounded and dead are wheeled out, Harry stays to help the paramedic attending to Weston. Unable to help, Nikki returns to the pathology lab, but realises she is not alone, when student Neil Corrigan enters the lab and locks the doors behind him.

As Leo starts preliminary post mortems on the victims in a temporary mortuary in the university's sports hall, he soon realises that there were two guns used in the incident.

Meanwhile, with Neil pointing a gun at Nikki, she starts to work out events as he slowly confides in her, and it soon becomes apparent Weston had a much bigger agenda than the shooting - blowing up the entire campus with a number of chemical bombs.

Paul Wilmshurst. Amanda Lane, Crispin Letts, Mojisola Adebayo , Sindi Harrison, Andre Jacobs, Ben Kruger. Nikki returns to her childhood home in South Africa, after she is hired by a private security firm to investigate the cold case of the disappearance of five young men in the s, known as the Kensington Five.

However, upon excavating the crime scene, she discovers the remains of six bodies, and begins to wonder if the culprit has told everything.

Meanwhile, Harry and Leo are also in Cape Town for a scientific conference, but are waylaid by respective requests to lend their expertise to the examination of a woman's body dragged out of a bay, and the effort to reverse the deportation of a Zimbabwean asylum seeker, Kudzai, who was tortured in her home country.

When Kudzai is recruited by a corrupt immigration official to work at a local brothel, Leo discovers a link between the dead woman from the bay and the owner of the brothel itself.

As Nikki manages to confirm that the skeletons she is asked to examine are the remains of the Kensington Five, she decides to pay a visit to informant Captain Brackenfell - but soon discovers that a corrupt politician, who is a good friend of her ex-business partner, was the man whose information lead to the murders, she is left to make a difficult decision about her love life.

And as Harry and Leo get closer to the truth, they discover that there are plenty of untold, dirty secrets held deep within the African countryside.

Roy Marsden , Kelly Harrison , Mark Lewis Jones , Michele Austin , Sorcha Cusack. The day after Professor Silverlake, a consultant neurologist at the Dartmouth London hospital, raised his voice at three patients for smoking and drinking on the premises, all three are found murdered in their hospital beds.

Silverlake, apparently the last doctor to visit the ward, later goes berserk with a shotgun after he is accused of the killings and is shot dead by a police marksman.

Leo and Harry believe they have a cut and dried case, but when the ward's night nurse is also murdered, realise they could have a cover-up on their hands.

Meanwhile, Nikki is deeply upset at having to perform an autopsy on an eight-year-old girl who is suspected to have been raped and murdered by convicted criminal Jason Bodie, a man upon whom Professor Silverlake once performed live-saving surgery.

Whilst Bodie is committed as unfit to plead, Silverlake's daughter Naomi asks Leo and Harry to help clear her father's name of murder.

Silent Witness Episodenguide

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Ohne Skrupel 1 A Guilty Mind 1.
Silent Witness Episodenguide Silent Witness is a British television drama. The following is a list of all episodes that have been broadcast across all television series, since the series began on 21 February [1] The first seven series featured Amanda Burton in the lead role. silent witness episodenguide Non classé. Everything seen from Silent Witness? Select all. Season 1. Episode Ep. Buried Lies (1) 21 February 21 Feb Episode Ep. Buried Lies (2) 22 February. Silent Witness is a British crime drama television series produced by the BBC, which focuses on a team of forensic pathology experts and their investigations into various crimes. First broadcast in , the series was created by Nigel McCrery, a former murder squad detective based in Nottingham. Silent Witness Episodes Episode guide. All; Available now () Next on (0) Series 23 View episodes. Compelling mystery drama series about a team of forensic pathologists. Series 23 homepage.
Silent Witness Episodenguide

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Dürer Selbstporträt Liebe endet nie 1 True Love Waits 1. To Brighton, To Brighton 2. Serienwertung 4 4. Todesengel 2 Deathmaker 2. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenführer Season 1 – Dr. Samantha Ryan, eine attraktive Frau Mitte 40, ist als Dozentin für Gerichtsmedizin an die Universität Cambridge berufen . Derzeit umfasst die Serie 23 Staffeln mit insgesamt Episoden. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Staffel 1; 2 Staffel 2. Der Silent Witness Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von Silent Witness in der Übersicht. A private jet crashes into woodland outside London. Among the passengers is a former U.S. Ambassador. Thomas investigates the apparent suicide of a successful businessman, finding unexpected connections to the plane crash. Everything seen from Silent Witness? Select all. Season 1. Episode Ep. Buried Lies (1) 21 February 21 Feb Episode Ep. Buried Lies (2) 22 February 22 Feb Episode Ep. Long Days, Short Nights (1) 28 February 28 Feb Episode Ep. Long Days, Short Nights (2)/ 11/4/ · Silent Witness is a British crime drama television series produced by the BBC, which focuses on a team of forensic pathology experts and their investigations into various crimes. First broadcast in , the series was created by Nigel McCrery, a former murder squad detective based in Nottingham. (He later went on to create the series New Tricks, with writer Roy Mitchell.)Category: Crime Drama. Jetzt online schauen! Meanwhile, Harry assists the police with the death of an old woman who is believed to have fallen down a staircase, however, his post-mortem reveals evidence Alois Im Himmel is not consistent with a fall. The investigation reveals evidence of RUC corruption, Silent Witness Episodenguide Sam is soon startled when the evidence points to the Wifi 6 Avm of a member of her own family. Death's Door 1. Harry Cunningham, a new trainee pathologist who has just graduated from university. The subsequent investigation suggests the pair died during the sectarian violence of the s. Voids 2. Originaltitel: One Day: Part 2 Erstausstrahlung: You're blocking our ads. Peripheral Vision 2. Share this page:. When Ruth's body is found, it appears both girls were strangled in a similar fashion.



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