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Black Clover Episode Guide

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Black Clover Episode Guide

Black Clover. (ブラッククローバー). Mangaka: Yuuki Tabata. Verlag: Erscheint ab bei Tokyopop (Der Manga läuft noch). Ursprünglich erschienen black clover filler list. Nachdem gestern die Episode von»Black Clover«in Japan lief, hat sich nun Tatsuya Yoshihara, Regisseur der Anime-Adaption, dazu.

Black Clover - Episodenguide

black clover filler list. Nachdem gestern die Episode von»Black Clover«in Japan lief, hat sich nun Tatsuya Yoshihara, Regisseur der Anime-Adaption, dazu. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel.

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Black Clover: Quartet Knights Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - No Commentary Story Mode (PS4 PRO)

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata which has been translated into a number of languages and become a media follows the adventures of fifteen-year-old orphan Asta, who, despite being born without the ability to use magic, has dreams of becoming the next Wizard King. 1 Year 1 2 Year 2 3 Year 3 4 Year 4 Uncollected Episodes 5 Special Episodes Uncollected Special Episodes Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery The Five Spirit Guardians Awakening Powers Five-Leaf Clover The Beginning of Hope and Despair Quiet Lakes and Forest Shadows The Messenger from the Spade Kingdom No. in Series. No. in Story Arc. Episode Title. Japanese Airdate. Toonami Airdate. 14 01 "Dungeon" January 9, March 17, A dungeon appears in-between the border of the Clover Kingdom and the Diamond Kingdom, which may contain important treasures, but it is guarded by various magical traps. Black Clover Episodes. ; 12 seasons Cartoon Network Action & Adventure TVPG Watchlist. Where to Watch. Season 3 Episode Guide Season 3 Season 1 Season 2. Episode List. Season: and the Black Bulls make their way back home. S2, Ep15 while King Clover introduces a bold new plan. S2, Ep Die Schnelle Dessert Rezepte "Temple Battle Royale" ist die Die Episode "Clash! School Moto Gp Bremse Project Love Love Mangaka Love Mode Love Monster Love Nest Love Observation Love on the Job Love Prism Love Revolution Love Rookies Love Stage!! Originaltitel: Episode 69 Erstausstrahlung:
Black Clover Episode Guide Everything seen from Black Clover? Select all. Season 1. Episode Ep. Asta and Yuno. 3 October 3 Oct Episode Ep. The Boys’ Promise. 10 October 10 Oct Episode Ep. To the Royal Capital of the Clover Kingdom! 17 October 17 Oct TV Guide. Choose per series where you want be kept informed of. For / 1/13/ · Episode 4. The Man Named Fanzell. Sun, Feb 3, 30 mins. Fanzell meets Asta again once Asta's joined the Black Bulls, but now he's far from Content Rating: TVPG. 9/27/ · Black Clover Episodes. ; 12 seasons Cartoon Network Action & Adventure TVPG Watchlist. Where to Watch. Season 12 Episode Guide Season 12 Season 1 Season 2.

Nachfolgend verraten wir euch, The 100 S05e10 es dokumentiert werden, einer Art Bromance Black Clover Episode Guide der Zombie-Apokalypse. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Next Love Matthias Richling Love Chains Love Contract Love Cotton Love Cupid Love Drops Love Fever Love Fighter Love Flag Girls Love Giant Love Jing Tian Love Hina Love Hotel Princess Love Hour Love Hustler Love in Hell Love Incantation Love Kingdom Love Live! Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Black Clover - Episodenguide. Gehe zu: Staffel 2S01 · Staffel 2. Die 2. Staffel der Abenteuerserie Black Clover aus dem Jahr mit Gakuto Kajiwara und. Black Clover (jap. ブラッククローバー, Burakku Kurōbā) ist eine Mangaserie des Mangaka Diese Episode wurde auch zusammen mit dem elften Mangaband am 2. Mai veröffentlicht und stammt aus dem Animationsstudio Xebec. Black Clover. (ブラッククローバー). Mangaka: Yuuki Tabata. Verlag: Erscheint ab bei Tokyopop (Der Manga läuft noch). Ursprünglich erschienen Sister Lily is kidnapped by the bandits. Adult Swim. Grey transforms a boulder into a hunk of meat, and Filme Stream Beste Seite shouts at Charmy that the magician is stealing her dinner.

Proof of Rightness. Behind the Mask. Never Again. The Man Named Fanzell. The Man Named Fanzell Continued. Battlefield Decision.

Flames of Hatred. The Promised World. Those Who Boost Each Other Up. Not in the Slightest. The Red Thread of Fate.

A Fun Festival Double Date. Battle to the Death?! Yami vs. Two New Stars. The Uncrowned, Undefeated Lioness. The Royal Knights Selection Test.

Flower of Resolution. Fierce Battle. Mage X. Bad Blood. Peasant Trap. Mister Delinquent vs. Muscle Brains. Special Little Brother vs.

Failed Big Brother. The Life of a Certain Man. Petit Clover! The Nightmarish Charmy SP! Burn It Into You. The Victors. Together in the Bath.

Yami and Vangeance. Formation of the Royal Knights. Crazy Magic Battle. Mereoleona vs. Raia the Disloyal. The Wizard King vs. The Leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

Julius Novachrono. New Future. The Black Bulls Captain vs. Overwhelming Disadvantage. The Sleeping Lion. The Desperate Path Toward Survival.

The Lives of the Village in the Sticks. Two Miracles. Release from Misfortune. Lightning of Rage vs. Smiles, Tears. Path of Revenge, Path of Atonement.

The Battle for Clover Castle. Battlefield Dancer. Spatial Mage Brothers. The Raging Bull Joins the Showdown!! The Eyes in the Mirror. Humans Who Can Be Trusted.

Retrieved August 20, Retrieved June 23, Retrieved November 16, Madman Entertainment. Retrieved January 12, Chapters Characters Episodes Season 1 2 3 4.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Season 3. Cover of the eleventh Blu-ray volume of the third season released in Japan on April 24, List of Black Clover episodes.

The new sword proves to be far more powerful than Asta's other swords as it removes the poison from everybody and Father Orsi recovers.

Asta decides to use his sword to turn the possessed knights back to normal. The elf attacking the village, disgusted by all the humans, tries to unleash all his magic at once.

Yuno senses the elf's soul is in great pain and Asta thinks the elf must be asking for help. To prevent the elf from turning into something even more monstrous Asta strikes him in the chest.

The new sword proves powerful enough to negate the entire reincarnation spell, returning him to a normal human. The Clover King, who has been asleep with his mistresses the entire time, is awoken and becomes terrified after learning the kingdom is under attack by its own magic knights and squad captains.

Asta and Yuno tell Father Orsi and the others everything they know about the elves while Digit, the no longer possessed knight, reveals the elf possessing him had no desire to fight.

Asta decides they must save both their human friends and the elves and take Digit with them. The floating dungeon passes over Magna and Vanessa and the possessed Luck decides to attack a nearby village.

Yuno senses this and they decide to split up to both follow the dungeon and stop Luck, though they argue about which of them should take Digit with them.

The elf, Rufel, explains Lucks body is now his and Vanessa realizes Luck is possessed. Rufel almost murders Magna but is stopped by Vanessa's cat Rouge, the Red String of Fate.

Magna tries to attack Rufel but is also stopped by Rouge as she protects all Black Bulls, including Luck.

Magna manages to trick Rufel with his knowledge of Luck's physical abilities and blows him up. Magna demands Rufel return Luck but Rufel summons a lightning storm, increasing his powers, and Magna only survives due to Rouge.

Rufel realizes that using Rouge costs vast amounts of magic and forces her to save Magna over and over again until Vanessa almost passes out.

Rufel claims Luck's soul is dead but Magna spots that he is crying and realizes Luck must be able to hear them, so they desperately try to force Luck to wake up.

Rufel almost murders Magna but Rouge uses the last of her magic to alter fate, resulting in Asta appearing at the very last moment.

Rufel manages to sense Asta's movements and tries to kill him, but Vanessa attaches a string to Asta, holding him back for a split second causing Rufel to mistime his attack and he is tackled to the ground by all three of them.

Asta prepares to stab him in the chest and end the possession before Rufel unleashes an electrical explosion. Deep in his mind Luck has regressed to a childlike state and is distracted by hallucinations of his mother.

Rufel plans to kill everybody, including himself and Luck. Asta tries to apologize for all the suffering Rufel endured and begs him to return to Luck.

Luck finally hears his friends and decides to leave his mother behind and return to his friends. Rufel recalls that he once wanted to be friends with humans.

As the spell breaks Rufel disappears and Luck finally wakes up. He is welcomed back by Magna before kicking him in the face, proving he is back to his normal self.

Having realized that the elves are all suffering Asta decides to use his new sword's power to set the elves free. They head back to their base and find it is still in pieces after Henry transformed it.

They learn from Gordon and Grey that Gauche was possessed but left without hurting them. Before they can plan anything they are approached by the possessed Charmy, though they quickly realize she is actually just furious her vegetable garden is destroyed, and her elf facial tattoos are just sauce.

As they are all out of magic Charmy has her sheep chefs force feed them to recover. With their magic returned Henry reconfigures the base into a vehicle, the Raging Black Bull Charging Style, and together the Black Bulls ride off to save the capital city.

Luck senses three elves in a nearby town, Hecairo, one of whom has possessed Xerx Lugner, the Saint of Pure Ice.

Vanessa, Grey, and Charmy save nearby citizens while Magna, Luck, and Gordon channel their magic through cannons which nearly overwhelms the elves.

Asta fires himself through the cannons and nullifies the elves' possessions, returning Xerx and the others to normal. Elsewhere, Vangeance recalls his childhood, of always sensing Patry's traumatized soul, of being able to see Patry's memories, and then Patry fully awakening when Vangeance turned Together they planned the elves' resurrection, culminating in the death of the Wizard King.

With his heart broken at Julius' death, Vangeance falls asleep as Patry's own resurrection is completed. Patry leaves Vangeance's Grimoire behind as he goes to join Licht.

Rades suddenly resurrects, his fury at being betrayed and murdered having caused his magic to go into overdrive, resurrecting himself, Sally, and Valtos.

They teleport to Hecairo to enlist the Bull's aid in getting revenge, but rather than aid them in getting revenge Asta comically punishes Rades for his crimes and insists they focus on saving as many people as possible.

Valtos decides to seek atonement for his sins while Sally agrees to stop hurting people and instead perform research that would benefit others.

Rades finally agrees to help after realizing he is starving and being tempted by Charmy's food. The elves possessing the Golden Dawn members, led by Langris, head for the three royal castles to kill the royal families.

The King, furious over Langris' crimes, cancels the engagement between Langris and his royal great niece, Finnes Calmreich.

Several elves fight the royal guards while Langris leads other elves to kill the royals. Finral arrives with Yami to fight the elves with the Green Praying Mantis captain, Jack the Ripper.

They manage to knock the elves guarding the gates unconscious. Inside the castle of House Silva, the elves begin massacring the humans, royals and servants alike.

Noelle's siblings, Solid and Nebra are attacked by an elf named Kivn. Nebra is impaled and incapacitated while Solid, still injured following his loss against Noelle, senses the floating dungeon approaching just behind Nozel, Noelle, and their comrades.

Yami is proud to see that Zora is finally wearing his Black Bull robe. Yami, Jack, and Finral decide to find and protect the king.

Nozel and Noelle try to save Solid and Nebra, but Kivn casts a spell that distorts their magic, making it difficult to control their spells, and Nozel is wounded saving Solid.

The Silva siblings are surprised to learn that Noelle, has struggled to control her magic all her life and forcing herself to train to control it, is now the only Silva sibling who can still fight effectively.

In a flashback, Acier Silva, the mother of Solid, Nebra, and Nozel, dies after Noelle is born, leading to Noelle being forced to join the Black Bulls while enduring mockery from Nebra and Solid.

Back in the present, Noelle engulfs Kiln in water and Nozel seals her in mercury. Professing his love for Noelle, Nozel reveals that he placed her in the Black Bulls, fearing that she would end up like her mother, and apologizes to her for his actions.

Nozel is suddenly impaled as Kivn breaks free and recasts her magic distortion spell. Noelle, desperate to protect her family, unlocks a new spell, Valkyrie Armor, covering her in water armor identical to the steel armor worn by Acier.

Noelle knocks out kivn, but bKevine she can help her siblings, she is surrounded by six other elves. Zora suddenly arrives with Paplo Espuma, a servant of House Silva who starts healing Noelle's siblings.

Zora's trap magic easily knocks one elf unconscious. Remembering his promise to protect his siblings, Nozel seals his wounds with mercury and rejoins the battle.

Zora realizes the elves, having been dead for centuries, have never experienced complicated modern spells like trap magic, and they are easily overwhelmed.

The elf Baval, possessing Golden Dawn member David Swallow, threatens Kirsch, Mimosa, and En, pointing out the elves' power and the fact that Langris, possessed by the most twisted elf, Ratri, has made it to the Clover King.

The Clover King arrogantly declares he will defeat Langris with his Royal Magic but he is easily and embarrassingly defeated. Finnes is saved from Ratri by Finral.

Yami throws Finrals parents through a portal while Finral promises Finnes he will survive. Jack cuts through the castle wall, sending the King falling to safety.

Jack figures out a way to cancel Ratri's automatic defense. Jack and Yami almost knock Ratri unconscious but he goes on a rampage instead.

Finral recalls he and Langris have never actually fought each other as Finral always ran away, and now Ratri is distracted Finral succeeds in teleporting him directly in front of him and Finral knocks him out with a simple punch to the face.

Inside Langris' mind, he and Finral reconcile as they both pass out. Patry arrives at the floating dungeon and meets the elves Droit right in french and Eclat possessing Gauche left in french and his sister Marie.

Rhya reveals that due to an unknown reason Licht's memories have not fully returned and he has once more fallen asleep.

Patry reveals the final stage of his plan, to place a final magic stone in a tablet deep within the castle, wiping out all humans and making the elves' reincarnations permanent, a stone that is on Yuno's necklace.

Rhya reveals that he created new artificial bodies for Fana and Vetto to reincarnate into. The Apostles of Sephira, ten elves capable of receiving divine revelations, begin opening a door to the underworld, named the Shadow Palace, which was sealed under Clover Castle years ago by ancient elves and humans.

Baval explains this will make the reincarnations permanent while the human souls will all be sent to the underworld.

To protect the Apostles the remaining elves decide to kill everybody but are stopped by the timely arrival of Asta, the other Bulls, and the base, and most of the elves are completely overwhelmed.

Patry determines Rouge poses the most danger and sends the elf Reve, possessing Coral Peacock Captain Dorothy Unsworth, to deal with her.

Reve casts a spell that teleports Vanessa, Rouge, Luck, Magna, Charmy, and Sally to an inescapable dream world, removing the Bulls most powerful defensive fighters.

Droit and Patry destroy the base. Rades and Valtos chase after Patry while Henry loses control and starts draining everyone's magic.

Noelle's armor disappears as her magic runs out. Yami and Jack chase the Apostles into the Shadow Palace. Eclat casts a spell that binds, paralyzes, and drains the magic of the remaining Bulls, but the spell is nullified by Asta.

Droit identifies Asta's new sword as Licht's Demon-Destroyer Sword. The Bulls, despite being irritated by the real Gauche's personality, swear they will return him to normal.

Within the dream world Reve confronts the Bulls, explaining that she has full control of the dream's reality.

Vanessa is relieved to find Rouge can still use her magic to keep them alive. Sally uses her extensive magical knowledge to combine the Bull's magic into new attacks as well as working out exactly how Reve's magic functions.

The Bulls become drowsy and Reve reveals that anyone trapped in her dream world for long periods will eventually fall asleep forever.

Sally realizes that anything Reve imagines in the dream world will physically appear, even against her will. With this in mind, Sally tricks Reve into imagining and accidentally creating exits leading back to the real world.

Meanwhile within the Shadow Palace Yami and Jack become lost as they are manipulated by the elf Baval using Dice Magic to warp reality. Droit and Eclat try to kill Asta, but he is saved by Gordon, Grey, and Henry.

Despite activating his demon form Asta is paralyzed by Eclat but is saved again when Henry transforms part of the base's rubble into a flying bull.

As he is only alive because of the magic power he took from his friends Henry decides he will sacrifice all his remaining magic and even his life to keep Asta alive long enough to defeat Droit and Eclat.

Reve prevents the exit doors from opening with chains. Luck suggests making Reve defeat herself by creating a doll that resembles Reve's human body, tricking her into thinking about and summoning a non-possessed version of Captain Dorothy Unsworth.

Dorothy, who is normally asleep, turns out to be hyperactively cheerful within the Dream World. Meanwhile, Asta finds it impossible to attack Droit while avoiding his lasers and Eclat's paralyzing eyes.

Henry throws himself at Droit and Eclat, draining their magic while sacrificing himself. Asta urges him to live and Henry realizes he wants to live. He is saved by his friends while Asta manages to attack Droit.

Droit recalls that when the elves were being murdered human royals used a magic item to steal their magic for themselves, and yet he realizes Asta and the Bulls are nothing like the ancient humans and decides to allow Asta to nullify his and Eclat's reincarnations.

As Gauche awakes he berates the Bulls for risking themselves for him when he only ever cared about Marie and not them, though the Bulls insist they consider him a friend anyway.

Reve's Dream World begins to collapse from the magic of Reve and Dorothy colliding inside it. Dorothy disappears but urges Reve to consider that good humans exist, especially the Bulls.

As the Dream World collapses everyone reappears in the normal world and Asta nullifies Reve's reincarnation. With all the Bulls back together Asta declares it is time to find Captain Yami.

April 19, [c]. Gueldre Poizot and Revchi are tempted to sneak inside the Shadow Palace to see if there are magic items worth stealing.

Charmy and Mimosa help everyone recover with food and recovery magic. Noelle and Mimosa become jealous of Sally's new closeness to Asta.

Two elves try a sneak attack while everyone is distracted but are instantly caught by Fuegoleon and Mereoleona. Magna notices the entrance portal starting to shrink while more possessed Golden Dawn members arrive.

The Bulls decide to fight the elves, relying on Charmy and Vanessa to keep them alive, while all the captains, Asta, Noelle, and Mimosa enter the palace.

Solid wakes up in time to acknowledge Noelle's strength and that he wants her to survive so he can one day surpass her. Inside the palace everyone ends up magically separated and Mimosa ends up alone with Asta.

Mimosa determines that the elves are spread throughout the palace, as are the captains, and they will all need to defeat at least one Apostle of Sephira to reach Patry and Licht.

Asta and Mimosa confront the elf Lira, possessing Captain Rill Boismortier. Noelle is confronted by Fana, Mereoleona by Vetto, and Fuegoleon by the Purple Orca's new captain, Kaizer Granvorka.

Through sheer determination both Mereoleona and Fuegoleon manage to land the same powerful flame attack on both of their opponents.

Noelle fights Fana, destroying her upper body, but Fana recovers using forbidden magic. Asta struggles to get past the paint monsters to reach Lira and is injured, requiring Mimosa to heal him.

The Bulls struggle against the Golden Dawn elves, until Yuno suddenly arrives; having gathered unpossessed knights from all over the kingdom.

The elves are all rendered unconscious while Yuno's necklace reopens the entrance, though only Yuno, Sylph, and Charmy make it inside while Nero is left behind.

Charmy ends up with Asta and Mimosa but when she sees Lira upset she tries to offer him food, only for Lira to destroy it and knock her unconscious.

Asta rushes to help her, only for Charmy to begin emitting strange magic. Her giant sheep chef transforms into a giant wolf while Charmy transforms into a more adult version of herself.

Lira realizes Charmy is actually a human-dwarf hybrid, which Charmy was unaware of, and her dual heritage has given her two magic attributes, Cotton magic and Food magic.

The wolf begins devouring the paintings, absorbing Lira's magic while Charmy uses supercharged punches to keep Lira busy, allowing Asta and Mimosa to run ahead.

Noelle receives help from Captain Jack. Yuno ends up alone against Rhya, Patry, and another elf, Ronne, who manages to steal Yuno's necklace. Rhya realizes Ronne is not himself, right before Ronne blasts a hole through Rhya's body.

Rhya has a flashback to the massacre. Rhya had allowed the elves to believe they were betrayed by Lumiere, the brother of Licht's human wife, Tetia, when in fact Rhya knew Lumiere was innocent but hid the truth so the elves would continue to hate humans.

Ronne places the stone in the altar, revealing he was actually possessed by a Devil named Zagred that now rises from the land of the dead. He reveals to Patry that he was the one who convinced the ancient humans to massacre the elves.

Yuno saves Rhya and Patry but his magic is useless against the devil that can use Word Soul Magic, meaning anything he says becomes reality.

Asta and Mimosa arrive and while Asta and Yuno try to fight together they fail. Zagred reveals he was the one who cast the forbidden spell to resurrect the elves, not Licht, and the war between humans and the Eye of the Midnight Sun was all part of his plan to regain his original body.

Asta and Yuno succeed in wounding him, but he heals instantly. He further reveals that when the owner of a four leaf Grimoire is filled with despair, as Patry now is, it transforms into a five leaf Grimoire.

His first attempt created Asta's Grimoire 5 centuries ago, but he was prevented from claiming it for himself, but now with Patry's five leaf Grimoire in his possession he has the power to rule the world.

Now filled with ultimate despair Patry transforms into a dark elf and randomly begins attacking everyone.

Zagred departs leaving Patry to kill everyone for him. Asta and Yuno are saved by Nozel who wants revenge against Patry for destroying Fuegoleon's arm.

Nozel easily uses the reflective surface of his mercury to deflect Patry's light magic and traps him. Nozel informs Asta he plans on becoming his rival to become Wizard King.

Rhya almost dies until he is saved by Mimosa, though this only annoys him. Nozel plans to execute Patry until Yuno points out Patry is possessing Captain Vangeance's human body.

Asta tries to nullify the possession and is instead sucked into Patry's memories, where he learns about the death of the Wizard King.

Asta reaches the real Patry, and despite hating him for killing the Wizard King, he berates him for giving up on himself, even though Asta hasn't yet given up on the elves.

Patry realizes Asta is just like Lumiere and lets go of his hate, turning from a dark elf into his normal self, promising to return Vangeance after the devil is defeated.

As Zagred tries to escape he is confronted by Licht with his Demon Dweller sword, but Licht is overwhelmed and is saved by Charla, possessing Captain Charlotte's body.

Yami arrives and teams up with them to fight the devil who is surprised a human so easily cooperates with elves. Elsewhere Finral is woken up by Nero who demands to be taken to the bones of the dead demon, revealing that she can speak.

Zagred summons a shapeless mass of magic. Finral teleports Nero to the bones and removes the magic stones from Patry's stone tablet and places them in the First Wizard King's statue atop the skull, causing the statue to crack.

The mass proves capable of draining magic and life force from its victims, and Zagred plans to unleash it on the world. While saving Rhya and Mimosa, Asta is swallowed by the mass, only to discover his anti-magic makes him immune.

Nozel orders Asta, Yuno and Patry to assist Yami while he takes Mimosa elsewhere. As the statue crumbles it transforms back into the first Wizard King, Lumiere Silvamilllion Clover, while Nero also transforms into her original self, Secre Swallowtail.

Lumiere and Secre instantly travel into the Shadow Palace. Secre has a flashback to years ago when she was Lumiere's servant. He would spend his time creating magic tools and promoting the idea of a more equal society.

But on the day of his sister's wedding to Licht he was captured by the devil who manipulated his family into murdering the elves.

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Retrieved April 4,

Rufel realizes that using Rouge costs The 100 S05e10 amounts of magic and forces her to save Magna over and over again until Vanessa almost passes out. The Captains are split into two teams; Yami, Jack, Nozel and Kaiser against Charlotte, Fuegoleon, Dorothy and Vangeance, aiming to Polar Express the other teams crystals, though Rill is absent for personal reasons. Breaking the Seal. Yuno reminds a devastated Asta he still possesses his Historische Filme 2021 power, never giving up. Sally uses her extensive magical knowledge to combine the Bull's magic into new attacks as well as Community Jeff out exactly how Reve's magic functions. Asta Transit In Den Tod Staffel 3 to help her, only for Charmy to begin emitting strange magic. Retrieved September 1, Zagred reveals his magic mass will continue to grow as long as he is alive, so Licht casts a spell, using the power of all the remaining elves to unlock the Demon Dweller Sword's true potential to obliterate him. June 3, [f]. Secre has a flashback to years ago when she was Lumiere's servant.
Black Clover Episode Guide
Black Clover Episode Guide
Black Clover Episode Guide


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